Specialist suppliers in industrial process heating, control and automation.

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Who are we?

Our company is a specialist supplier of industrial process heating and control to the manufacturing industry.

Products we manufacture locally include heating elements, temperature sensors and complete heating solutions. Supported by control and automation technology

We provide high quality products that minimize client’s downtime with efficient service.

Helping industry function better.

We are proud to be the main distributors of other world class heating and instrumentation brands

Partnering with our clients we can add tangible value by solving problems and improving processes.

What we do...

We focus two main industrial segments


Plastics is key, due to the process heating required to mould plastics into the thousands of applications it has from food packaging to automotive makes, it is a vital part of our South African economy, and uniworx’s area of service.

Manufacturing, like plastics,  requires so many heating processes to support almost all manufacturing processes. Processing dairy products, assembly of TV screens, the manufacturing of soups and washing powders – every facet of these industries requires heat

Chemical industries service virtually every industry in South Africa, from fertilizers for agriculture to fuel for the aviation industry to chemicals for extracting precious metals in mining. All these industries require process heating for chemical refining.

Power in South Africa is almost exclusively generated by coal-fired boilers and concentrated salt sola systems, which are dependant on many forms of heating to support the steam generation process that gives us power. 


Our Products

Our many years of experience is supported by a carefully selected range of products that deliver on the promises of inspired engineering by uniworx.

Our product offering includes:

Heat Trace

Immersion Heaters

Tubing Bundles

Heating Elements

Tank and Hopper Heaters

Infrared Heaters

Drum and Container Heaters

Hot Runner Systems

Temperature Sensors

Process Control


The applications for process heating and control are vast, but the principles of heat transfer and control are fixed.

At uniworx we believe that with the correct information it is possible to engineer a solution to any problem.

Core focus

Plastics & Manufacturing

# Heating

# Sensing

# Temperature

# Pressure

# Liner

# Control

Chemical & Power

# Heating

– Pipes
– Processes
– Hoppers
– Gasses
– Vessels
# Steam and Electrical
– Trace heating
# Temperature
– Sensing
– Control

We are happy to be of service!

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